Why beurocrats of Russia-Moskovia say: «Presidents come and leave while Russia remains», or six principles of Russia-Moskovia future optimization.

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For many people in Europe and over the Atlantics words coming from Russian government officials and beurocrats – “Presidents come and leave, while Russia remains” – are understood in a wrong way. Even more the closest of Putin`s associates are saying – “that there`s no Russia without Putin”. How did they come to such conclusions? What does these words actually mean and what lays behind the curtain? This article is the answer to these questions.

Modern-day Russia-Moskovia is one of few feudal states left in the world, although it has some foreground “statehood” forms. As it also seem to have “democracy“, and some “elected” supreme rulers or “presidents”. Population on that territory does not have any rights at all. Election rights and self realization possibilities remain only in those, to whom they were delegated – russian-moskovian beurocrats.

Why beurocrats of Russia-Moskovia say: «Presidents come and leave while Russia remains», or six principles of Russia-Moskovia future optimization.

This position of beurocrats developed from the times of Ivan Groznyy, in the XVI century. Russia-Moskovia was never recognized as“statehood” by internal beurocracy. Instead it was their personal territory, where they could implement any social experiments. This is also the reason why Russia-Moskovia`s population never had (neither has) a proper property rights. Terms like “Nation” and “Citizens” are not applicable to that population. For the Russia-Moskovia`s beurocrats – country belongs to them. Even more they are the rightful owners of that territory. Thus they are the essence of “state” management system of the state that`s commonly known as Russia, while in fact it is Moskovia. That`s why they say that presidents come and go, while Russia stands”. Other words, any new regime on that territory would be interested in those beurocrats. This is why future Russia-Moskovia optimization process would be greatly simplified if you look at these facts from other perspective.

There were three attempts to civilize this so-called “state”. Those attempts were made at the beginning of XVII, and then twice in the XX century. And once again, just like in the beginning of XVII, in the XX`s century they were neglected by the beurocrats of Russia-Moskovia, inherited from past systems of “governance”, were integrated into new system. After that happening any means of changing that “government” became neglected first of all by those “implemented beurocrats” and the country.

First attempt happened in between of 1600-1612. Polish and Swedish representatives invited “boyars” (local feudal) and gentry left from Ivan Groznyy into the new governance system, resulting those 12 years were later on called – “Troubling Time” and therefore in 1613 Romanov dynasty came to power in Russia-Moskovia.

Why beurocrats of Russia-Moskovia say: «Presidents come and leave while Russia remains», or six principles of Russia-Moskovia future optimization.

After 304 years the second attempt to civilize Russia-Moskovia had occurred. Just as before in XVII, beurocrats from the previous government move to the “new” system of governance. For example: there was one communist “revolutionist” – Antonov-Ovsienko. His father was a General Staff officer while teaching him in officer school on his behalf. Though a few researchers of that phase of irregular war, enduring 1918-1923, know, that Communists had a vast amount of ex-russian empire Czar Generals. Only during October 1917 Michaylovskaya Academy of General Staff and it`s war collage, Artillery General Staff and Nikolayev’s Academy of General Staff all had deserted full staff to the Bolshevik side.

This is the result of “colonel of General Staff” Antonov-Ovsienko`s, work, who managed to explain to “officers”, just like him, that all in all for them everything, that’s going to change is the uniform. And that was exactly what happened, although not for long. After 25 years communists returned the golden shoulder straps and golden stars on them.

After 74 years form 1917th, new “changes of “statehood” form occurred in Russia-Moskovia. Communist regime was replaced by the “democratic” one. And the “supreme military command” once again changed tags on their cabinet doors. Before that they were inside USSR`s model of governance, now they are inside of Russia`s governance system. After Putin came to power in 2000, nobody talks about democracy anymore and once again a failed “state” of Russian Federation, just as his predecessor in XVI – Ivan Groznyy started to expand the empire.

All the difference is that previous regimes waged conventional wars, while, Putin started waging hybrid wars: when, being already thick line between crime syndicates and governmental officials is being constantly erased – forming a terrorist state of Russia.

Conclusions are. Future optimization of Russia ought to be conducted by several principles, never used before on that territory and even were willingly ignored. Those of other are: distinct definition of the enemy, operation of state emplacement (colonization), emplacement of civil society, change of law family towards Anglo-Saxon mixed system, sufficient staff training and recruitment, operation and leaders.

First principle: Who to call an enemy? The enemies to future Russia-Moskovia optimization are representatives of the existing “governmental” regime. Their nationality doesn’t matter at all: Russians, Tatars, Chechen, Cumics, Ingush’s or Cabardinians. Any men devoted to any institute of Russia-Moskovia “state”: FSB, FSO, NG, Police, MChS, UFSIN, etc. It is crucible to understand, that these structures will not just oppose, but will raise arms to contain the existence of current Russia-Moskovia regime. Those structure representatives are those moskovits, from whom their “government” name – Moskovia takes roots. This is why the correct term to the inhabitants – is “population”, as there is no “nation”. Assuming nation is a guiding force for citizens, who on their behalf are a state-related population) Each and every ethnicity, inhabiting that territory is uncommon to true means of term – “statehood” and “governance”. Furthermore our ideological opposition will be Russian Church (and it`s structures), that, if you take a closer look, is not Christian in its nature.

Second principle: The operation to optimize Russia-Moskovia itself is not a stabilization operation in its nature and origin. There is nothing to stabilize on the territory of Russia-Moskovia. There is one and only goal in Russia optimization – state establishment operation. To establish a state there – means to establish independent governmental institutes of legislative, executive and judicial branches of power on a democratic basis. In order to do that, in the process, a change of law families is required, to adapt Anglo-Saxon/Mixed law family.

Third principle: The citizen of the optimized states is a person, who never took part in the old system himself neither did his relatives. In order for “citizens” of Russia-Moskovia become citizens of their new states a transformation period is required. Educating mass is, first of all – granting to anyone a possibility of free work and self realization through it. On most of Russia-Moskovia territories this period cold last 30-90 years.

Fourth principle: For such optimization – having a full staff of trained personnel is a mandatory, where military personnel are as much as 10%. Some of the required staff: Engineers (all kinds), lawyers and economists. Trained by West, those would build up the governmental system on optimized territories.

Fifth principle: modern Russia-Moskovia territory is 1/7 of worlds soil. This is huge, with lack of any infrastructure territory. And if you start such operation on all of Russia`s territory simultaneously you have to understand that more than a million ex-beurocrats and “civilized” bandits will head west seeking refugee. For this reason optimization should start from one pre-defined territory, mainly to draw conflict Russia-Moskovia`s, trying to spread throughout the world. This territory could also be used I n future as a refugee filtration camp and to provide the possibility of further optimization. Because Ukrainians do not realize their geopolitical and geostrategic position and do not want to look at their territory as a precursor for the future Russia-Moskovia optimization. Therefore two more options still remains. Those are not for public release.

Sixth principle: and the main one,. Who will take the responsibility of conducting such operation and for its final result? People, willing to lead and wage responsibility for the result of his/her actions in such operation with the help of western allies.



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